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The Harrow International School and Harrow LiDe School are key projects for the Hainan government as they transform Haikou into an international education hub. Harrow Haikou is the first world-renowned educational brand in the Province and will transform understanding concepts of high-quality education across the region.

Strategically located in Jiangdong District, Harrow Haikou will provide K-12 international and bilingual education for foreign and local day and boarding students with a maximum capacity of 1,800 students, including 210 boarders.

Our Haikou campus covers an area of 96,673 sqm. The school’s design fully embraces Harrow’s requirement to put the students first when considering facilities. The site provides a vibrant and creative, natural atmosphere with garden landscapes partitioning high-tech shared spaces. The generous space of the campus allows the students to explore their learning in a safe and clean outdoor environment, both within and beyond the taught curriculum. A unique feature is the semi-open design of the school buildings, drawing on the architectural features of Haikou’s traditional ‘balconies’, allowing for the range of space types across the site makes the school unique.

Harrow Haikou represents an extraordinary step forward in bilingual and international education for boarding and day students in south-eastern China. The school will set a new benchmark for innovative, holistic and values driven education in the region.

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When you are deciding which education path your child should take, first it depends on what type of passport or residence your child holds. Harrow International Schools are open to students with foreign passport (Non-Chinese) or residence, and our bilingual schools are open to both Chinese students and students with foreign passport holder or residence.

If your child is eligible for both path, curriculum will be the next consideration. You can learn more about our international education curriculum and our innovative bilingual education curriculum

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