The fees for Harrow International School Haikou are listed below.

2023/2024 Tuition Fees (in RMB)

Year GroupEach Term
Early Years
K1 / Nursery101,192
K2 / Reception106,704
K3 / Year 1106,704
Pre-Prep School
Year 2108,500
Year 3117,500
Year 4122,600
Year 5122,600
Prep School
Year 6128,700
Year 7128,700
Year 8128,700
Year 9134,800
Year 10134,800
Senior School
Year 11140,000
Year 12143,000
Year 13145,000

Sibling Discount

Discounts will be applied for siblings who are educated in the School concurrently as follows:

No. of childrenDiscount
2nd child5%
3rd child10%
4th and subsequent child15%

School Bus Fee

The bus service is optional. The bus fees for sites within 30 kilometers (one-way distance between the school and school bus stop) are as follows:

2022/23 School Bus Fee (in RMB)

≤ 5KM5-10 KM10-15 KM≥15 KM
950 yuan1400 yuan1550 yuan1600 yuan

Boarding Fees

5 Days-Boarders: 42,500/person/term, G10-G12: 45,000/person/term.

7 Days-Boarders: 49,300/person/term, G10-G12: 50,000/person/term.