School Uniform

At all Harrow Schools, looking smart and wearing the Harrow uniform with pride is instilled in each and every pupil throughout their educational journey. Therefore, we encourage all staff and parents to help the pupils in this endeavour not only by purchasing the correct uniform items, but also by supporting the School and adhering to the uniform code.

Instructions for Purchasing

Step 1

Please visit the website

This website is bilingual, you may select Chinese or English based upon your preference by clicking “the Language Button” upon the home page – top right corner.

Step 2

Please click “Sign In” button upon the home page which is in the top right-hand corner. There are serval options on how you can sign in.

Step 3

Please click “School Shop” and input the below “School Code” (please do NOT insert space in the “School Code”)

  • HIS school code: hisschooluniform

Step 4

Please select your child’s “Year Group” and “Gender”, and a full set of uniform will be available for you to purchase.  

Step 5

Please noted that we have included a recommended quantity for each item. Of course you may wish to buy more if necessary.