Message From Head Mistress

Dear Harrow Haikou Parents,

First of all, I would like to welcome you to the Harrow family! I am excited to be opening Harrow Haikou; bringing the rich traditions and history of Harrow London into a new, vibrant and culturally rich Chinese context.

Educating children is my passion along with creating vibrant school communities. I have been in education for over twenty years and I have been with the Harrow group going on six years. Using my experience, I will lead the Harrow Haikou staff to deliver excellence in education from operations to security to our teaching and learning programmes.  

Our vision for Harrow Haikou (which will be the guiding principle of our work) is to provide a high-quality education which blends British and Chinese educational philosophies and curricula whilst developing the next generation of leaders.

At Harrow Haikou, we understand that good schools give their pupils roots and wings to be successful both academically and personally. Roots to know where home is and wings to fly away and use what they have learnt. At Harrow Haikou, our pupils’ roots will be in the Chinese and British cultures, history, traditions and language brought together in a way that is uniquely ‘Harrow’. Our pupils’ wings are both the unique Harrow educational experience and the leadership skills they will develop to help them serve the global community.

I look forward with anticipation to meeting the Harrow Haikou pupils and parents, and sharing my passion for education with the community. The beginning of our journey starts today, and I am delighted to be working with you to build a happy, proud and vibrant new Harrow school.

Yours truly,

Kelly M Wailes