Living the Mission


Regardless of hard work, 

it takes three generations to make a gentleman.

Looking back at school,

We will recall the hard work of the faculty.

Here in Harrow Haikou,

there’s also a group of people,

they uphold the values of Harrow School,

dedication and first-class academic level,

They have put in over 200% of their efforts

since Harrow school opened.

In recognition of the hard work of staffs,

Harrow Haikou has held a monthly

‘Living the Mission’ awarding event.


January Winners

Individual Nomination:

Agie Liu 

Joseph Ronnie

Meryl Fossey

Ling Zhang 

Team Nomination:

US/LS Chinese Super Curriculum Team

Cathy Li/US/LS Chinese Dept. Operations/



LS Musci TA


ISS Engineering Team

February Winners

Individual Nomination:

Hailey Li  、Leanda Liu  

Victoria Dai 、Joyce Zhou

Celia Qin 、Nalo Zhu 

Yin Meng 、Gloria Quan 

Jay Wang 、Mark Darlington


Jasmine Ko、Hailey Kinnaird

Team Nomination:

Campus Guard Team