Harrow Haikou Open Day

9:00 in the morning, the spring sun is shining over the campus where children are playing blissfully on the green lawn

Each bright little face seems to be full of love and expectation for their new school.

Parents cannot wait to learn more about Harrow students life

Fine tea and exquisite refreshment , having been early prepared by the former Marriott chef and his team for the guest parents and students.

There are 20 experience classes in the open day

Targeting students in K3 to G8 who have interest

Phonics, Chinese Geography, 

Art & Design Technology, 

Chinese Drama, Story Crafts, P.E.

Music, Computing, Science, 

Maths, English, Chinese Characters,

Chinese Focus, Calligraphy

After the speeches by

Headmistress Mrs. Kelly Wailes and

Chinese Principal Ms. Cathy Li

the children went to each classroom in an orderly way led by our


to start their first Harrow classes

School bell rings, class is over!

“This school is so fun! Mum, I’ll come again! “

“I love the teachers here!”

“The campus is so wonderful. I want to have classes here every day!”

A class’ time passes so quickly

The children were all unwilling to part with their new teachers and partners

We are looking forward to seeing you again on campus soon!

Having missed our first Open Day?

Don’t worry!

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our first online open class