The Mid-Autumn Festival and Teacher’s Day Celebrated at Harrow Haikou

As the Mid-Autumn Festival meets Teachers’ Day this year, the students at Harrow Haikou celebrate the amazing day in various ways and express their gratitude to their teachers and families.

In addition, the celebration of the traditional holiday is also an integral part of students’ bilingual and bicultural studies.

To celebrate the Mid-Autumn Festival, our students and teachers also came to school dressed in traditional Chinese costumes and enjoyed the charm of traditional culture with the whole community.


Handmade Mooncakes

Though miles apart, we’ll share the beauty of the moon.

With the theme of the Mid-Autumn Festival, the Chinese Department at Pre-Prep designed a project-based learning class for the students, integrating Chinese, History, Fine Arts, and other disciplines. The teachers changed into traditional clothes and led the children to experience the customs of the Mid-Autumn Festival.

Handmade Tassel Ornaments for Mid-Autumn Festival

Under the leadership of the teacher, our Y2/G1 students read and appreciated the ancient poems about the moon, got to know the evolution of the Chinese character “月”, learned to write the character beautifully and neatly, and shared the story in the picture book of Mid-Autumn Festival to their parents when they went home. They also made tassel ornaments as gifts to express their blessings to their friends and families.

Creative Arts with Buttons

Our Y3/G2 students learned three beautiful folk tales about Mid-Autumn Festival and then explored the influence of the moon on human life through a project-based learning approach. They also made themed artworks with buttons to celebrate the wonderful festival.

Handmade Lantern

When we came to the classroom of Y4/G3, we can see the children were studying traditional stories surrounding the Mid-Autumn Festival and the evolution of worshipping the moon. They were required to learn knowledge about the festival and read the ancient poems by Su Shi. The children also made the traditional lanterns which symbolize family reunion and praying for good fortune

Scroll Paintings

The Y5/G4 students jointly painted the moon, jade rabbit, crane, and lanterns on the long scroll and create a unique memory with their classmates.

Upper School

Celebration Under the Moon

Handmade Greeting Cards for Teachers’ Day

At Harrow Haikou, the teachers not only take the responsibility of teaching in class but being students’ House tutors, boarding tutors, and pastoral care teachers. Their comprehensive support in students’ future planning and daily life has a profound impact on each student.

For the Upper School students, it is a traditional festival to reunite with families and it offers great chances to show their gratitude to their teachers.

Fun Quiz about Mid-Autumn Festival

Our excellent Upper School students have participated in the most exciting knowledge quiz with the theme of the moon. The bilingual quiz contains various questions in literature, science, and comprehensive knowledge. Foreign students also can take part in the quiz and understand Chinese culture better.

Archery Contest

To celebrate the Mid-Autumn Festival, the Upper School held an archery competition. Ten people from each House form a group, and each group competes with the other. The House with the highest number of rings will receive one point. The students were so excited to fight for their House!

Early Years Centre

During the Mid-Autumn Festival Customs Exhibition, the teacher introduced the Mid-Autumn Festival stories and customs to our young children.

Although the children can’t really understand the meaning of the story, they would be influenced by the customs and culture of the Mid-Autumn Festival. And then our teacher also instructed the children to make ice mooncakes and lanterns.

Ice Mooncake Making

“I like to eat strawberry-flavoured mooncakes!”

“I like the moon stuffing!”

The children scrambled to talk about their favourite flavours of mooncakes.

Under the guidance of the chef of the school canteen, the children tried making ice mooncakes for the first time.

They carefully wrapped the mooncakes up in little boxes and gave them to their families as holiday gifts when they got home from school.

“Chang’e” led the children to deliver mooncakes to their parents after school

Every activity deserves to be recorded.

Every smiling face deserves to be treasured.

All teachers and students at Harrow Haikou deeply felt the cultural glamour of the Mid-Autumn Festival. Their wholehearted devotion gave the ancient festival a new charm in the new era.