Today we mark our official opening of the school, not only by looking back over the last 100 days and celebrating what we have accomplished so far, but also by taking this opportunity to extend our gratitude to the parents of the government and all the teachers and students for their concerted efforts to give us strong support to build an amazing campus.

‘Over the last 100 days, our community has been working together to build a happy, vibrant and proud new Harrow School and today we take the time to celebrate together, each of us bringing an offering to the feast. At Harrow Haikou’s our offering to our pupils and our community, is to celebrate what we want to see more of in our everyday lives – the core values of courage, honour, humility and fellowship. Courage, on behalf of the staff, to open a school in unprecedented times. Courage, on behalf of the students, to start a new educational journey. Fellowship, amongst the community, to ensure we opened the school on time and safely in order to deliver our unique type of education. Humility to understand that we can all learn from each other. Honour in the knowledge that we are a Harrow school located in an exciting and vibrant city with new innovative new policies and opportunities.’

                                                                                             ——Mrs. Kelly M Wailes

                                                                                 Headmistress & School Founder